When it Rains on Wedding Day

We’ve all heard it before right?  Rain on your wedding day is somehow supposed to be a good luck charm – a symbol of unity, renewal and fertility.  After living in a Puerto Vallarta’s tropical climate for nearly 15 years, I have never met a couple who wishes for that particular good luck charm on their wedding day.

Despite not being able to control the skies, I do have a few thoughts on how to prevent an unexpected rainstorm (or even an expected rainstorm) from ruining your celebration!

First, do your research and listen, I mean really listen, to your wedding planner.  There is something to be said for hiring a wedding planner who is based in the city where you plan to marry; in the particular case of weather, there isn’t a better expert on seasonal weather patterns than someone who lives and works in the area. When I receive an inquiry from a new client and the ideal wedding date falls between June and October, my very first communication with that client shares with them information about the heat, humidity and rain they will most likely face on wedding day.  That may make me the worst sales rep ever for summer weddings, but it makes me an excellent and honest planner.  When you hear your wedding planner telling you that a date is not ideal for a wedding, believe him/her.  If your date is not flexible, then your first priority – before the flowers and the dress and the open bar – is to ask and then follow the advice about what can be done to ensure that you and your guests will be as comfortable as possible if it is 110 degrees, or if the humidity turns your hair into an undesired bird’s nest or if the thunder cracks and the skies release a torrential downpour.

Next, whether you are the bride-to-be or a guest, please know that I am a wedding planner. I speak for the breed when I say that I am not a magician. I do not pull 100 wedding umbrellas from a hat nor do I have the power to take down, dry and reset an entire wedding production in the blink of an eye. I do not want rain for you on your wedding day, but I will do the best that can possibly be done to handle unexpected weather conditions. You just need to give my team and I the space and a few minutes to get it done. Remain positive, trust that everything that can be done is being done for you. We want your wedding to be a total success and much as you do!

Finally, and most importantly, as a bride and groom, handle any less-than-ideal weather conditions calmly and gracefully.   The attitudes of your guests and the ambiance of the celebration will be completely determined by how the bride and groom handle the necessary shift to Plan B due to inclement weather.

A few years ago, Monica and Fernando set an early June date for their Puerto Vallarta wedding in an attempt to get ahead of the rainy season, but unpredicted rain clouds darkened the sky on wedding morning!  A few tears and a couple tents later, the bride and groom were back on track and handled the day with smiles and grace, and their wedding photos are a reflection of the added romance the rain brought to their day.  I am convinced that their wedding was a success because they decided that it would be and the guests simply followed their lead.

Here’s another one.  You see the beautiful tent behind Elizabeth and Matt?  That wasn’t supposed to be there.  But when we woke on wedding day at 5am to an unexpected downpour, our first phone call was to wake up the tent vendors. Everyone working that day was wet, all the way down to their underwear, but we shifted to Plan B on a moment’s notice and as a reward for all that hard work, the rain stopped and the sun actually came out literally minutes before their wedding ceremony began!
My best example of how a wedding can be the most excellent time despite a literal tropical storm descending on the venue is from this past December.  Anyone will tell you it doesn’t rain in Puerto Vallarta in December.  January, maybe a day or two.  August, definitely.  December, never.  Except that it did.  Not just any rain – palm-tree-bending rain, gusty-wind rain, move-the-wedding-inside-NOW rain.  Ji and Paul took it all in stride, even when we had to close the glass doors to the reception venue because the wind was blowing gusts of rain inside past the 20-foot covered patio directly outside.  When I first saw them early on wedding day morning, we looked at each other with that look – the one where you know there is no choice but to relocate inside – and I have never loved another couple more.  They smiled and made their wedding day the best day ever.  The photo below proves it.

Paul and Ji China Blanca Wedding

Listen to your planner.  Be as prepared as possible, and decide to have a good time no matter what the weather brings!  After all, it is good luck.

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