Welcome Gift Bag Collection

“Never underestimate the power of a welcome gift to excite guests,
show your appreciation for their attendance and prepare them for the fun ahead!

                                   – Destination Weddings & Honeymoons Magazine

Over the years, we have created and assembled hundreds of welcome bags for wedding clients of The Dazzling Details, and now we are opening up this service to any couple, getting married anywhere around the Bay of Banderas who is looking to provide their guests with an amazing welcome surprise!

We have created a collection of gift bags combining authentic Mexican products that have proven to be popular through our experience with our own clients!  Five different gift bags are available ranging from a collection of basic items to a more complete gift bag.  For a couple with lots of time on their hands who wants to add their own personal touches and items to the bag, we may recommend the basic bag which includes only “essentials,” leaving lots of space for personal additions.  For a couple with busy schedules who can’t contribute to the bag but wants to be sure their guests are covered with the essentials plus some fun “extras,” one of our more complete bags would be a perfect fit!

 And, of course, the little ones can’t be overlooked.  We have a special bag for even the youngest guests!

What You Need to Know:

Our collection of gift bags ranges in cost from $8 USD/bag up to $28 USD/bag depending on the complexity and quantity of the items included.  There are several a la carte items that you can choose to add to any level bag if you wish for an additional cost.

A minimum order of 10 bags is required.

A completed order form must be submitted to us by 20 days prior to delivery date.

The Dazzling Details IS responsible for prompt and professional delivery of the gift bag order to ONE delivery contact person as indicated by you on your order form.  The Dazzling Details is NOT responsible for ensuring the distribution of gift bags to guests.

What You Need to Do:

Email us for additional information on our collection of gift bags.  We’ll send you a comprehensive list of your options, a simple-to-complete order form, all the details on payment and delivery as well as some additional tips we’ve learned throughout the years!  We are typically able to respond within 48 hours.  If you haven’t heard from us, please check your spam folder as our email addresses are sometimes not recognized and sent to your trash!

We feel confident that your guests will notice and enjoy the special care and attention-to-detail that goes in to creating each and every one of our gift bags.  Best wishes for a wonderful wedding and marriage in the days to come!